Medical waiver

Participating in a class with Flying Fantastic is only possible subject to every customer agreeing to our terms and conditions and our medical waiver (see below). This is a pre-requisite, and customers will not be allowed to participate with no waiver in place. 

When booking onto a Flying Fantastic class, I (the customer) understand that the classes may subject the participant to danger and that this risk cannot be eliminated without jeopardizing the essential qualities of the activity.

Participation in the activities may involve the following risks:
Sprained muscles  |  Bumps and bruises  |  Falls from height and associated collision injuries

I understand that the Public Liability Insurance carried by Flying Fantastic Limited covers direct acts of negligence and claims resulting from the risks listed above may be declined if direct negligence cannot be proven. I have no known medical conditions that could make participation in this activity dangerous for myself of others. I acknowledge the risks involved in this activity and indemnify any instructors against any injuries incurred when participating in these activities.

If booking another customer onto a class using my credits, I understand that it is my responsibility to ensure that every participant has read and agreed to this medical disclaimer and the Terms & Conditions as seen on the website.

Group bookings

For group bookings, please ensure that every member of your group has seen and read the terms and conditions, and is aware of the requirement to complete the medical waiver. A downloadable and printable version of the medical waiver form is available here. Completion of this form is essential prior to any group participation.