Holiday Sessions

We have some 2 day mixed level Aerial Workshops classes for students who'd like to give a class a try, or those that just need an aerial fix!

Over the 2 sessions, Young Flyers will learn new tricks, moves and maybe even some drops on Silks, Hoop and Trapeze. Interrsperesed with stretching and games to give the hands a little break, it is an action packed session which promises to challenge and inspire budding aerialists. Grown ups are invited to come in at the end of the 2nd day to see what we've been learning and get a few snaps of the action!

Holiday options in Wimbledon Holiday options in Bankside

A parent's perspective

"I sent my three daughters along for the first time and they came home absolutely buzzing. They loved trying out all the equipment and learning how to use the trapeze, hoops and silks. They found the time flew (excuse the pun!) and can’t wait to go back. It is the top of their list of things to do.
Absolutely brilliant and beautifully run. Thank you very much."  
Michelle – Happy parent!

Straight from the horses mouth

"I learnt a lot and the teachers were encouraging and fun. I got lots of advice on how to perfect my moves. 5 stars Flying Fantastic!"
Jake age 13

"Fun environment. Smiling, top level instructors."
Zac age 7

"We covered lots of different things in just 2 days. I really enjoyed trying all three apparatus and lots of help given.  All the teachers were amazing. Thank you!"
Daisy age 9