Verticals Intensive

This intensive week long course consists of five days of vertical specific aerial tuition. Silks and Rope will be the focus of this week with the added opportunity to train on spanish web, slings, net and chains. 

This course is suitable for people with a good level of either silks or rope experience as we will be looking at some transferable moves. But the aim of the course is to give you a chance to learn some new climbs, drops and tricks, and really up your vertical game!  We will also be developing your aerial creativity as you work on routines and sequences in preparation for an informal performance to your peers at the end of the week.  And as well as technical discipline specific sessions, there will be supporting sessions in act creation, conditioning and flexibility to really allow you to get the most from the week. 

Course details

Please note, this is a full on intensive week, and is not suitable for beginners to aerial arts. Previous experience on Silks and/or Rope is required, and the ability to comfortably invert in the air is a prerequisite.

The course runs from Flying Fantastic Peckham from 9.30am - 4.30pm each day.
The course costs £400

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