Back in the Straddle

In these two day intensive courses, each covering a different discipline, you’ll reacquaint yourself with your aerial equipment. Getting to know it again, and rekindling the relationship that was flourishing before lockdown. We’ll dust off the basics, and spend some time refining technique to ensure that none of those old nasty habits creep back in!  

All these course are run from our beautiful new Peckham studio, and will be run with your health and safety first and foremost. To see what measures we're taking to keep you safe, please visit the KEEPING YOU SAFE section of our website where all our COVID safety measures are outlined. 

Rediscovering your antigravity superpowers

This short course will reintroduce you to your aerial equipment after our enforced separation! We'll be running through the basics, making sure nothing's been lost over the last few months. We'll be keeping a close eye on technique to make sure no bad habits have crept in, and to ensure we're as good as we can be moving forward.

We'll look at the key ingredients of an effective warm up, and how to avoid injury in your practice. Also a look at how your quarantine training habits (or lack thereof) may have affected your body over the last few months.

Conditioning and flexibility modules will help develop strategies to return to regular training and get you back in tip top aerial shape.

Once we've rediscovered our aerial form, and dusted off the post quarantine cobwebs, we'll start pushing onwards and upwards, working on developing some new material, linking moves into short sequences and celebrating your glorious return to the air! 

Course dates for 2020

All courses are open to anyone with a good understanding of Aerial, albeit a little out of practice! (Through no fault of their own!) All courses cost £160 per course and are bookable via the App or links below.

Aerial Silks: 19th-20th September 2020
Static Trapeze: 19-20th September 2020
Aerial Silks: 26-27th September 2020
Aerial Hoop: 26-27th September 2020

Please note. All dates are subject to Government guidance - which can change daily!
In the event of a course not being able to run, we will issue refunds in full. Availavility correct as of 3rd September 2020.

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