Corporate events

Flying Fantastic offer a variety of corporate packages, depending on the requirements of the group and what the desired outcome of the session is. Our workshops provide a wide range of circus skills which can be tailored to your exact requirements. We create every workshop around the specific needs and requirements of the client, and are adept at dealing with all types of differing levels of ability to create sessions which challenge, inspire, enthuse and amaze. Bespoke team-building workshops can take place at our professional training spaces in Union Street.

A day out or a teambuilding exercise. It’s your call.

The corporate party package. Treat your staff to a day out – circus style. If you’re looking to get your staff out of the office and doing something completely different – an aerial workshop might be just the solution. Alternatively, if you’ve got some specific HR criteria you’d like to address, we work with qualified HR specialists to ensure our workshops meet your criteria. Looking to spark more creativity in your team? Problems with confidence levels? Need better working relationships? Get your team in the air and sit back to enjoy the results.

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