Teresa Callan

Teresa trained as a dancer from childhood, and was introduced to Aerial whilst on a dance contract in Japan. After training in Aerial Skills for 4 years, she decided to do the Hangar Arts Trust Circus Foundation course to learn more about general circus and take on new skills. There she began training Hula Hoop, and now performs and teaches both aerial and ground based disciplines.

Teresa specialises in Silks, Hoop, and Hula Hoop but enjoys Harness and Corde Lisse as well – including Aerial Net when given the opportunity. Tersea's also mastered Fire, but will only perform it under duress...

Describing her love of all things aerial – in her own words, ‘I genuinely believe that life is not meant to be limited to 2 dimensions. Adding a third by climbing with confidence is like becoming properly human. The freedom of it feels like being yourself...  Performing this is just an extension of my dance career, teaching it is because I believe everyone can, if shown how, they should.’

When she's not in the air...

When Teresa’s not in the air, she loves to travel, eat, and hang out with her family and friends. And of course, spending most of the time here where she want to be... Love London.

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Teresa Callan