Edel Wigan

Edel's been an Aerial addict ever since discovering it for the first time back in 2008. She'll openly admit that she was no gymnast in her youth, instead spending her time Irish dancing. By all accounts she couldn't even do a forward roll – which makes her switch to Aerial all the more impressive.

Edel has embraced all that is wonderful about the world of Aerial. She's a qualified Aerial Yoga instructor, and leads and co-ordinates our Young Flyers programme. In a previous life, Edel worked as a Civil Servant and also as a Primary Teacher, both of which gave Edel vital skills that she brings to the heart of Flying Fantastic. She's organised, talented, creative and a non-stop source of energy and enthusiasm. But she does need reminding to point her toes every now and again...

When she's not in the air...

Edel manages to juggle an extraordinary amount into life. She's only got one gear – and thankfully it's top speed! Many struggle to keep up. But if you can, it's worth it - it's a non stop adventure! Edel is married to Chris, Flying Fantastic's other Co-Founder. Mixing business with pleasure so completely does mean that they can often be found discussing aerial intricacies, such as 'the merits of different carabiners' with their three young daughters over a bowl of breakfast cereal. 

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Edel Wigan