Edd Casey

Edd discovered Circus whilst studying European Theatre at Rose Bruford College. He was lucky enough to train in Estonia for a few months. It was here that he first tried Aerial circus and found that he had a particular fondness for hanging upside down. Since returning to England, he began evening classes in Tapeze, which started his addiction. Many more classes, courses and workshops soon followed, before beginning a traineeship with NoFit State, taking his work into professional performance.
With strong roots in theatre, Edd likes to train in most aerial disciplines, enjoying the diversity each one brings. In particular though, Rope, Chinese Pole and Doubles Trapeze with his partner Bryony are his favourite disciplines to train and perform in.
He loves using Aerial circus technique and combining it with theatre training to create performances, with stories and breath-taking moments. He also very much enjoys the physical training of different disciplines and the play that can be had.

When he's not in the air...

A lot of Edd's time is taken up by being in the air, but if he's not airborne, he'll be found running his own circus theatre company Hikapee. When they’re not performing, they’re absorbed in paperwork...

Edd also enjoys travelling, eating pie and getting stuck into ‘geeky’ board games.

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Edd Casey