Other classes

We're constantly evolving the timetable at Flying Fantastic to offer our flying fanatics the best, most diverse and exciting range of classes possible. We rotate the schedule regularly, and are always open to any suggestions from our customers. Classes in Aerial Net, Harness, Chains, Spanish Web, and many more are already being developed.

In fact, if it's aerial – we're up for it. That said, even if it's not strictly aerial, but it's fun, gets you fit and complements our other classes, give us a shout.

Core benefits

There are just 2 rules for any classes at Flying Fantastic; they have to be fun and have to get you fit. It's as simple as that. Hauling yourself around in the air is not an easy thing to do – so it's no surprise that aerial fitness has quick, and very visible fitness benefits. If you don't believe us – come try a class and let us know how your abs are the morning after.

Get involved

To see the classes currently available, check out the weekly schedule and see what takes your fancy. Please note, we do change the timetable from time to time to keep you off the ground for longer, so keep an eye out for new offerings.

If you've got some suggestions for classes you'd like to see on the menu – let us know, we’d love to hear from you.

Check out the class schedule