Intermediate Level Courses -
with optional Teacher Training module

These two day intensive courses are for students who want to work on intermediate moves and really focus on how to break them down and perform them with correct technique and alignment, through self practice but also through learning to spot others. The two days will consist of a mix of simpler and more static moves all the way up to strength and dynamic movements. It also includes conditioning sequences to help build up strength and stamina for better progressions.

Each course has an optional teacher training module which requires some additional work after the course to achieve a Certificate of Completion. This is an excellent way to expand on our Foundation Level Teacher Training Course, or as a refresher to help finess how you coach and spot trickier moves as well as planning appropriate conditioning, warm ups and cool downs. The courses are Endorsed by Active IQ and are a great way to keep up your CPD. 

Course Pre-requisites

These courses could be for you if:
-you want to finesse your intermediate aerial repertoire
-you are intermediate/advanced in one discipline and want to focus on another
- you want to revisit moves with a focus on technique and alignment 
The additional teacher training aspect could be for you if:
- You have some teaching experience
- You are intermediate in a certain discipline and want to learn to teach

To purchase the additional content for the teacher training module, you will need to purchase the module seperately on Mindbody.

Dates available:

Aerial Silks - 15th and 16th January Peckham
From 10.00am to 4.00pm with Maisie Whitehead

Static Trapeze - New dates TBC
From 10.00am to 4.00pm with Joel Le Clercq

Recommended Reading:
We recommend this book for all aerialists that want to understand more about how your body supports you in the air. 
The Applied Anatomy of Aerial Arts by Emily Scherb
NB This is a paid link, but it's an amazing book no matter where you buy it! 

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