Aerial Hoop

The Aerial Hoop is an extremely dynamic apparatus, being a circular steel ring that provides the perfect frame for your acrobatic moves. It provides an excellent platform for an endless combination of transitions and fluid movements, especially when spinning.

Whilst it may seem like a daunting apparatus, we stand by our key tenets of making it as accessible to every aspiring aerialist at each stage of their burgeoning career. Rest assured that each class will have a ratio of two people per hoop, providing sufficient time for you perfect your moves. With a maximum of 7 people per instructor, we do our best to ensure that you get the attention you need.

Core benefits

The Aerial Hoop requires a skilful balance of strength, stamina and flexibility, something which you will progressively work on during the class. As with any aerial skill, the core muscles are essential in being able to execute moves with confidence. Moreover, the Aerial Hoop is particularly exceptional in honing on upper body muscle groups, improving your range of motion and active flexibility.

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Classes available at: Union Street and Peckham.
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