Flight Club Memberships

Back in 2011, we were the first studio to pilot a drop-in format for aerial classes. (We were told it wouldn't work! ) It's a format that gives busy Londoners more flexibilty and options when it comes to picking and choosing classes to work around their busy schedules!

It works a treat, however, many of our customers are looking for a little more commitment (not to mention cheaper classes), so we've come up with Flight Club. A weekly membership that gives members access to cheaper aerial classes, complementary conditioning sessions as well as discounts on Self training and select Workshops and Masterclasses. 

Choose 1, 2 or 3 classes / week

You can choose your level of commitment. If you're up for one class per week, we've got just the membership for you. Or if you're an Aerial Addict and looking to get your hands on some complimentary conditioning classes on top of those discounted Self Training sessions and selected Workshops - then maybe you're in for 2 or 3 aerial sessions per week?

Flight Club Level 1
One Aerial class / week


Sign up at Union St reception
£22 / class!

Flight Club Level 2
Two Aerial classes / week


Sign up at Union St reception
£21 / class! + free C&W class

Flight Club Level 3
Three Aerial classes / week


Sign up at Union St reception
£20 / class + free C&W class

For full details of Flight Club, including benefits and terms, please email info@flyingfantastic.co.uk

Give the gift of airtime

Can't work out what to give your awkward sister for her birthday? Left it too late for next day Amazon Prime deliveries? It's your lucky day – Give the gift of airtime and share the aerial love. You choose the package, enter your message, and job done. It's original, quick and makes you look good. Which is after all, the whole idea of presents. Isn't it?