What makes the best Aerial intensive course?

February 2023

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Taking time off work to do an aerial course is quite a commitment - of both your time and money - so it's important to do as much research as possible to find the right course for you. There are lots of options on the market at the moment and the obvious comparison criteria is location and cost, but there's much more to it than that.  So we thought it would be worthwhile to highlight a little more detail about our courses, and why we think they're unique.

At Flying Fantastic, we pride ourselves on offering the best aerial classes and courses possible. We have the best facilities available and the best teaching team going (though we are slightly biased!) and we go the extra mile to make sure our courses are as good as can be and are delivering exactly what our customers want.

Designed, refined and crafted schedule.

An intensive course can be a pretty full on experience - especially if aerial or physical activity isn't part of your day job. Whilst aerial can be hugely rewarding and has countless benefits, aerial can be a painful hobby too, and ensuring that you're physically ready and able to get through the week in one piece takes some planning.

Our course schedules are carefully crafted to ensure you'll make it through. We're not saying it's going to be easy, but a balanced 'aerial diet' throughout the programme will give your body time to rest and give you the best chance of delivering the goods at the end of the course and making progress beyond your aerial dreams!

A structured course, with defined goals and tracked progression.

Some aerial intensives are effectively a series of classes in different aerial disciplines running back to back. Each class is taught by a different trainer, and with no apparent progression or programming. Effectively giving you a range of experiences on a range of apparatus, but with no real goal or development other than a week having a good time in the air.  If what you're after is the chance to try lots of things, that might be the course for you. But we try to structure our courses such that there is a flow and development throughout the week. One with fixed individual goals, and with a path forwards after the course to really maximise your investment.

Whats involved?

The one week intensive course starts with a series of classes in our core disciplines. Not everyone is an aerial guru on all apparatus, so we have two trainers available to enable us to better cope with different levels of experience within the course. That way we can ensure everyone is getting the attention that they need and working with others at their level wherever possible.

We dip our toes into the world of Act Creation on Tuesday. A two hour workshop that sows the seeds for the week ahead and gives you some things to think about and tools to work with as the week goes on and your routines develop.

From Wednesday onwards there is the opportunity to specialise in one specific apparatus, and to start to develop your routine. Complementary workshops and masterclasses support this journey daily, and give you the tools you need to ensure you surpass all your expectations at the end of the week.

The end of week presentation is an informal, but key part of the week. A clearly defined aerial goal, an opportunity to showcase all you've learned and to cement your progression into one jaw dropping aerial performance!

Making the most progression in one week, and delivering the goods in a performance on the last day is the goal - but if you don't enjoy the journey, it's just not worth the fight. We work hard to make sure that a sense of play and fun underpins everything we do throughout the course and makes it as enjoyable as possible for every Staycationer.

Personal goals and a bespoke training programme with continuity from working with the same trainers over the duration of the course.

1-2-1 development and mentoring

We appreciate that everyone has different experience and expectations on our courses. So whilst there are a number of group activities and sessions, there is also time set aside for individual 1-2-1 development and mentoring. Towards the end of the week, our trainers will spend time with you individually to review your progression and experience, and to work out a personalised training programme going forward to ensure your aerial journey continues onwards and upwards!

Continuity of Instructors

Our intensive courses have the same trainers working and overseeing the group throughout the course. External industry professionals are brought in to deliver masterclasses and workshops every day, but the continuity provided through having the same trainers working with you over an extended period of time, really allows for better relationships and understanding of your journey and ultimately enables greater progression in a shorter period of time.

Flying Fantastic's one week intensive courses have been running since 2016. Over that time we have adjusted the schedule to reflect aerialist's needs and goals. We're happy to adjust the programme to try to accommodate specific requirements if we're able to fit them in. Just drop us a line and we'll see what we can do to help.

'Super friendly'. 'Great fun'. 'Unbelievably supportive and welcoming'.

As one of our Staycationers put it 'There's nothing like an intense experience to really create special bonds between people'.

This is especially true on the One week and one month intensives, where friendships have been forged that are likely to last a lifetime. The friendships that have been established on our courses are always a source of joy.

Whilst the schedule is intense, the non-competitive nature of aerial and the fun packed programme provides a hugely supportive and inclusive environment where everyone is given the opportunity to thrive.

Every time the course runs, we're impressed at the progress made and the routines nailed in the end of week presentation. Watching students develop and grow over the course is always fantastic thing to experience. Expectations are smashed and pre show nerves are conquered. The goosebumps from watching someone's first aerial performance still kick in every time!

So what are you waiting for? Fancy taking your aerial journey up a notch? Sign up to the next Intensive course and let's fly!
1 week intensive course: https://www.flyingfantastic.co.uk/workshops/1-week-intensive-82/
4 week Foundation course: https://www.flyingfantastic.co.uk/workshops/4-week-foundation-course-83/