What is a Scratch Night?

May 2023

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What is a Scratch Night?

What is a Scratch Night?

You’ve heard of an open mic night right? Well, think fewer dodgy songs and cringey jokes and more aerial circus magic! A scratch night is the name for a platform to show work in progress performance pieces live to an audience and we LOVE hosting them.

We run roughly four aerial scratch nights a year and over the past few years they’ve only gotten bigger and more exciting. We carefully choose a theme for each event to give everyone a starting point to focus their act on, sift through all the wonderful applications and set a final line up of around 12 acts to perform on the night. Each act is roughly a song length but there is wiggle room for doubles and ensemble pieces to be a bit longer. 
We have a compere, rigging, lights and a cold glass of fizz to celebrate afterwards!

We sell out all the seats and standing space in our beautiful Peckham studio and the performances are usually in the round so you have an audience at each end of the space (fab for anything spinny). The vibe of the night is really buzzy and adrenaline fuelled but the purpose is always rooted in fun and enjoyment and we work hard to make sure our performers don’t feel too nervous in the run up. The feeling after performing, especially for the first time is like no other and it’s a really worthwhile goal to have in mind when coming to classes as it gives some new found purpose and direction to evolving and developing as an aerialist. 

If you’d like to read a first hand account of one of our repeat performers then check out our blog post titled ‘My Scratch Night Experience!’ by Orsi.


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