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October 2023

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Aerial Yoga Teacher Training - ONLINE!

Aerial Yoga Teacher Training - ONLINE!

Become an Aerial Yoga Instructor with us!

This is all the content from our in-person Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Course that we have been running for 5 years now - except now you can do it from anywhere in the world in your own time! This comprehensive program covers everything from teaching techniques to health and safety, class management and teaching skills. Learn from experienced instructors and receive an Activ IQ globally recognized certification upon completion.

What You'll Gain
Comprehensive Curriculum:
A tried and tested structured course that covers all aspects of aerial yoga instruction for Foundation Level Moves. Each move has detailed instuctions, pictures, videos of the move as well as progressions and regressions and tips for spotting your students to keep them safe.  
Expert Instructors: Learn from certified and experienced aerial yoga instructors.
Interactive Learning: Engage with interactive lessons, videos, and assignments.
Personalized Guidance: Get in touch at any time to ask questions. Receive personalised feedback and support on your assessment submission to ensure your success as an aerial yoga teacher ongoing.     
Community Support: Connect with fellow aerial yoga enthusiasts to share ideas and inspiration.
Certification: Once you have completed the assessments, both written and practical, you will get sent your Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Certificate.

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Or get started straight away, follow this link:

Aerial Yoga For Beginners

Aerial Yoga For Beginners

Discover the Magic of Aerial Yoga with a guided curriculum

New to aerial yoga? Want to work through a course that isn't teacher training? No worries! Our Aerial Yoga for Beginners Course is perfect for those taking their first steps into the world of aerial yoga. You'll learn the fundamentals, build strength and flexibility, and gain the confidence to soar through the air with ease. No need to spend hours on youtube or instagram looking for material at the right level -  we'll take you through the fundamentals in a clear and safe way!  

What you'll gain
Foundational Knowledge: Learn the basics of aerial yoga in a beginner-friendly format. Work your way through our curriculum of 40 plus base moves, with countless variations and ways to make a move harder or easier. Each move has a video with variations, pictures and detailed instrutions.
A structured curriculum: We have identified a series of moves that you need to become confident in aerial yoga without needing to trawl the internet.   
Progressive Workouts: Follow a structured program to gradually build your skills.
Supportive Community: Connect with others who are on the same journey as you.
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Or to get started straight away, go to:

Find Your Flow - Aerial Yoga Sequencing Course

Find Your Flow - Aerial Yoga Sequencing Course

Master the Art of Creating Balanced Aerial Yoga Sequences

Aerial yoga is not just about individual poses; it's about bringing them together in a way that flows. Our Aerial Yoga Sequencing Course teaches you how to design challenging and well-balanced sequences. Whether you're an instructor looking to create engaging classes or a practitioner aiming to enhance your personal practice, this course will empower you to craft well-balanced, whole-body sequences.

What you'll gain
Access to the Find Your Flow Planning Method: We've come up with a structure to help you think about what you want to focus on, and then how to make it flow!
6 weeks of aerial yoga inspiration: Each week has a different theme:

Week 1: FYF sequences based on a peak move.
Week 2: FYF sequences based on a particular target area of the body.
Week 3: FYF by spicing up your sequences  
Week 4: FYF sequences from a low hammock.
Week 5: FYF flashcard sequencing.
Week 6: FYF aerial yoga workouts.

Creative Inspiration: Unlock your creativity and design sequences that flow seamlessly.
Hands-On Learning: Apply what you learn by using the templates to create your own sequences.
Community Support: Connect with fellow aerial yoga enthusiasts to share ideas and inspiration. There is a community section on the app where you can ask questions and share ideas. The International Aerial Yoga Sequencing Squad is already a group of committed, keen and inspirational aerial yogis - come join us!  

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How to Access the app

How to Access the app

Our app is live on Apple and soon to be live on Google. By purchasing a course with the link above, you will get access to the native app.

To do this, you need to download the app from the app store. Search for Aerialyoga360 and use the login details that you have set up. 

Any problems, please get in touch with