Make Aerial Work for Your Body

January 2023

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Make Aerial Work for Your Body

Make Aerial Work for Your Body

We've all seen those cartoon silhouettes of the women with Disney Princess figures, making alluring shapes on aerial equipment. They fit the Westernised Hollywood view of "hot", and make the shape  "Barbie on the Beach" a literal image. Whilst aesthetically pleasing to some, this can be really off putting to others wanting to try aerial, but feeling that they don't fit into this stereotype.  

Aerial can be for EVERYONE, regardless of age/ shape/ size/ height/ gender/ disability/ planetary origin. 

A good aerial teacher - and fortunately we happen to have a whole bunch right here - can help you adapt sequences to your body. There may be times you're trying something in class, and it just isn't working for your body, and that's totally fine! The likelihood is that the person across the room from you with the 6 pack, has struggled too!  

I have been fortunate enough, as a hypermobile, vertically challenged, midsize woman, to be in classes with teachers who understand that my body isn't necessarily going to move like barbie. They've helped me to understand and adapt, most of the time enabling me to make the shape. I used to struggle getting into the correct position for a straddle on the Hoop, making all sequencing from there just that bit harder. A lovely teacher told me that, as I have a more ample bosom, keeping my hands glued together is actually making things harder. Separating my fists just that inch has made so much difference. Something I never would have noticed by myself. And most importantly, it's still the same shape! But instead of forcing my body to work for the shape, I made the shape work for my body. 

Any Body can do aerial, and more often than not there will be a way to make the shape or sequence work for you. There will always be something that you can do. 

If you had previously thought aerial wasn't for you, I challenge you to book a class, give it a go! Book here!