5 Aerial Myths Busted

December 2022

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Zero Flexibility?
Being flexible is a lovely bonus if you are but it's not necessary at all to enjoy aerial fitness and fun. We promise that strength and flexibility will come over time and you'll notice them both build after classes, but no-one should expect to be able to do it all beforehand! Everyone has to start somewhere, and the only things you really need for class is a bottle of water and a sense of humour! 

Don't look down
Being scared of heights is suprisingly common within the aerial community (both professional and recreational!) so you won't be alone if you're a little nervous of being up high! As you build strength and confidence in your body and abilities, the trust overtakes the fear. We won't let you do anything dangerous in those early days, and apparatus can always be lowered right down so your feet aren't too far from the floor. Not all aerial needs to be sky high! And in the words of one of our regular students, you shouldn't be afraid of falling on your first class - you have to get up there first!  

Muscle up
No, it is absolutely not a requirement to be able to do a pull up to do Aerial! This is a really common myth that stops people thinking they can even try! There are no physical requirements before coming and plenty of us can do incredible things in the air but still can't do a pull up to save our lives! 

Mind over mat
It is completely normal to feel nervous before starting your aerial journey. We all see incredible gravity defying shows and images online that can make circus seem like an intimidating sport, but once you turn up you'll realise everyone feels the same and you're in an incredibly safe space. A trainer, buddy and crash mat are never far away! 

How young are you?
We may have a lower age limit for kids classes but we can assure you there is no upper age limit on Aerial classes. Age is no barrier, all you need is to show up with a ready to give it a try attitude, a smile on your face, and you'll be our perfect aerial student.

Any more excuses? Send them our way and get yourself to a class. All mixed level classes are suitable for beginners, but there are also beginner specific classes if that's more your thing. And if you still need convincing, click here for a little snippet of the fun to be had in our beginner classes.