Weekly classes

These are our regular term time classes. These classes are mixed aerial and alternate between silks, hoop and trapeze. Children work in small groups with an experienced teacher. Wherever possible, our classes have more than one teacher so children can be challenged at their right level.

It is well known how good aerial training is for children. Aerial classes develop children’s creativity, social skills and enhance their motor dexterity. Whilst also improving their strength, stamina, balance, co-ordination and confidence in a safe and fun environment. A weekly class that can help with all of that? What's not to like!

There are classes available for Little Flyers (4-6) in Wimbledon and Battersea, and Young Flyers (7-15) in Wimbledon, Battersea and Union Street. 

Classes work out at £12 per hour and are payable per term depending on how many weeks long the course is. For instructions and tips on how to book, please see the bottom of this page.

Weekly classes in Union Street Weekly classes in Battersea Weekly classes in Wimbledon

How to book via Mindbody

1. Follow the link below to view the workshops available.
2. Select the workshop or course you’d like to book.
3. Click ‘Sign Up Now!’.
4. If you have an account with us, enter your details here. If not, create one now.
5. In the next screen check the box that says make booking ‘for someone else’ and enter your child’s name. (This may take a couple of seconds to load).
6. Click Enroll.
7. The next screen will show you the items in the shopping cart, the dates of the course or workshop. 
8. Check this over and make sure the dates etc are correct.
9. If you wish to book in other children, click, ‘Continue Shopping’ and repeat these steps to add more children to your booking making sure you put in the names of each child booked.
10. Click checkout to complete the sale.

Any questions? See Young Flyers FAQs