Zaki Musa

Zaki’s circus journey began as an unexpected but welcomed one, having started training at 20 in an intensive dance programme which included Lyrical Jazz, Ballet, Tap, Contemporary and Hip-hop. Aerial disciplines were something that had been recently introduced, and he immediately took to training off the ground as a way to find a unique edge over his peers. He soon became addicted to expressing himself through lines, movement and transitions in the air. Starting his training in Aerial Silks, Hoop and Static Trapeze in Singapore, he went on to teach both kids and adults and was also a founding member of his studio's Aerial performance team, Circus Swingapore, going on to book gigs at clubs and shows for the Singapore Arts Museum.

His main skill that he always go back to are the Silks, having an allure and versatility that he can’t get enough of. Zaki recently competed and placed 2nd in the Advanced Silks category in IPAAT (International Pole and Aerial Tournament) 2016, and has had opportunities to perform in various amazing venues and music videos. What he particularly enjoys is choreography (on and off the air) and creating routines that not only pull from his dance background, but also in telling a story.

What keeps Zaki going in Aerial is the constant challenge in trying to figure out where the body is within the apparatus - especially whilst spinning! - and strives to look for transitions that are the most effective or satisfying to achieve. He constantly develops his approach to Aerial by continuing to go for dance classes, striving to develop a continuous flow of movement in the apparatus. This is something that he constantly strives to relay to his students during his classes.

When he's not in the air...

When he’s not in the air, Zaki dreams of constantly being on it of course! He tries to build and explore skills that would help his movement as an Aerialist, enjoying recreational classes in Ballet and Contemporary dance, Pole and Hot Yoga.

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Zaki Musa