Kate Hart

Kate began Aerial training in 2001 after taking a taster class at the Circus Space (now NCCA). She was instantly hooked and began classes in Static Trapeze, before adding Corde Lisse to her hobbies. She was already a professional actor and had been involved with many physical theatre projects, which meant she soon realised she wanted to include Aerial into her professional work. Kate began creating small acts to perform at Circus Space end-of-term cabarets and teaching on the youth programme. As an Equity member and performer, she was able to join the ACDC professional membership and performed in several scratch cabaret nights. It’s fair to say that Kate was completely hooked, taking extra classes in Handstands, Flexibility, Aerial Conditioning, Silks, Chinese Pole and Acrobalance. It was a busy time!

Kate now specialises in Static Trapeze and Corde Lisse, with Silks and Hoop close behind. However, her real speciality is incorporating text, story and character into Aerial work. Recently, Kate devised and delivered a one woman show combining all of these elements, which was well received and a rarity on the theatre scene. She’s keen to develop more work using Aerial and text in the future. Kate also works extensively with young people and teaches Aerial to all ages. She’s a regular teacher for Aircraft Circus and Flying Fantastic as well as co-ordinating our Young Flyers programme.

Kate believes Aerial is the best medicine, and can transform your body shape from lumpy and dumpy to lean and strong. With this and the complete focus that Aerial demands – which releases your mind from the day to day stresses and strains – what’s not to love?

When she's not in the air...

When not airborne, Kate is still working as an actor and can be found in various museums and schools appearing as Russian Cosmonaut Svetlana one day, Daisy the WW1 bus cleaner, Marie Curie, female Pirates, Roman Londoners and Nellie Rumble to name but a few…..it’s never boring!

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Kate Hart