Hayley Ingle

Hayley studied Drama and Spanish at Aberystwyth University and then began her career as an actor, always on the hunt for more physical modes of performance. Whilst working on a job, she met an Aerialist for the first time - at that point Hayley didn’t even know what an Aerialist was! When she found out her colleague had begun training as an adult, Hayley realised it wasn't too late for her! Following a quick search for ‘Circus schools,' she was hooked. 

She loves taking things to the next level. In Hayley’s words, ‘Aerial is fun, beautiful, challenging and an amazing way to keep fit. There's always more to learn so it's never-ending – I never get bored of it. Aerial also opens your life up to a whole new community of lovely, vibrant people’.

Hayley specialises in Rope and Silks but also has a passion for Doubles work, having performed Doubles Hoop and also training in Doubles Rope and Silks. 

When she's not in the air...

When Hayley’s not in the air, she spends her time working as an actor and entertainer. She’s also a fan of gigs and live music. Hayley loves walking anywhere really, but especially in the Lake District or by the sea. Hayley’s guilty pleasure is spending a fair amount of time watching fantasy films from the 80's!

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Hayley Ingle