Bryony Livesey

Bryony blames her partner Edd for her getting into Circus. He had been introduced to circus when abroad and she thought she would love it too – so they started Trapeze together. They’re both quite competitive so she couldn’t let him get better than her… and so it went on. Bryony’s always been a really physical performer and circus just seemed to fit. (You wouldn’t believe it, but Bryony was also quite scared of heights and so thought Aerial would be a good challenge).

Having trained in dance and theatre, Bryony’s strengths lie in creating performances using Aerial disciplines and character work. In terms of a specialism, she loves dangling off of people, so Doubles Silks or Trapeze.

Bryony is always impressed at how quickly people progress doing Aerial. When she started she couldn’t do a single pull-up, but within a few weeks could see such a difference in herself. This is always something she loves seeing in her students.

When she's not in the air...

Bryony and Edd run a circus theatre company, Hikapee which keeps her pretty busy. But when she’s not doing that you can find her eating or in the kitchen. She loves making food, especially with her 3 year old nephew who always acts like head chef when French toast is involved. 

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Bryony Livesey