Bo Ekstrand

Bo first came across circus and had a chance to start learning Hoop, Trapeze and High Wire, when she played Jenny Lind in the musical 'Barnum.' She had the privilege to learn from, and train with some of the masters, e.g. from the Ringling Brother Circus.

She’s childishly fond of all Aerial disciplines and does change her focus from time to time for different reasons. Bo is currently concentrating on Silks and Aerial Sling, finding the two complementary to one another, yet liberatingly challenging in different ways.

In her own words, Bo never feels quite the same in her body on the ground as she does in the air. She never tires discovering new things about herself - mentally and physically - in the way that is possible only with a piece of Aerial equipment.

When she's not in the air...

When she’s not in the air she tries to walk on air (can be tricky), and dancing and singing as much as possible.

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Bo Ekstrand