Anna Artés Closa

After studying a Biology degree and not knowing what to do with her life, Anna decided to run away with the Circus. She started a 2 weeks Silks intensive course in Barcelona (where she is originally from) before moving to Brighton, UK, where she pursued her Circus training as a hobby. Starting with morning and evening classes, Anna eventually decided to take it to the next level. Six months later she moved to London to take a 4-month Aerial intensive course, and soon after was accepted onto the degree program at the National Centre for Circus Arts.

Anna loves the focus and self-awareness required when in the air – combined with the challenge of pushing her body to its limit. Her strength and interest lies in dynamic and roll-focused moves.

Anna has specialised in Rope as her main discipline but she is an well-rounded Aerialist, also having a broad knowledge of Silks, Trapeze, Doubles Trapeze and Hoop. She is also currently a flyer for Adagio.

When she's not in the air...

When Anna is not in the air she likes doing crafty and creative things that are less physically demanding, such as decorating furniture and homeware. She likes being with her friends and also having some moments to herself to practice her meditations. She loves looking after her nutrition and cooking nice meals to enhance her training and lifestyle. 

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Anna Artés Closa